16 September 2015

New old kid in town

"There's a new old kid in town"...This old boy was sitting alone through my family's sentimental treasures. So thanks to Paulie's father who restored it and cleaned it, I now have my first fully manual, film camera Beirette Model II, 35mm. I have already done 34 pictures, 2 more to go and as a next step is to build my own darkroom...soon...

19 May 2015

So it was Custom Wheels II

I had a very small break from work and I just had to come to Bucharest for 2 reasons: to visit my mom, the dog, the cat and to meet my dear friends Raluca and Sebi. It got even better because I met them at the second edition of Custom Wheels www.youtube.com/watch.
As I entered the gates to the warehouse a custom bike was pointing to the direction of the custom build toys. Described next can only be called a social gathering of welcoming people, humans with hearts set on making art out of what unites them in the first place: motorcycles.
The whole exhibition takes place in an old dusty warehouse that really takes you back to the times of the birth of the motorcycle when there were no showrooms, only men cranking the work on their passion. so we can glaze at their creation and good mood.
The second edition left me with the lust to get back to also check out the rat, the muscle, the funeral, the miner, the frog!

4 November 2014

Paintings on the wall

I really miss the scribble that artists create for the public eye and enjoyment. Sometimes I imagine that a magical person passes by a place, compiles an Abracadabra and pooof, the drawing is there. And sometimes there are not only drawings. And I imagine how he chose this place for me to walk by...

Enjoy...till the end because it's not an Abracadabra anymore...

"God is a woman"

"Respect for the sex workers"

22 September 2014

People on streets

Where are they going?
No greater direction or purpose makes us wander the concrete pavements than the objective of achieving something minuscule and of no importance to others.
It is the self pat on the back that is sought and felt. It is the smile of your half that is loved. It is the morning coffee and smoke that is enjoyed. It is the movie which is carefully watched on a Sundays' lazy afternoon. It is an adventure or It is the crowd that is being pushed out of the way so someone can see where the streets are.
But there are no streets, just the people in a perpetuated chaos theory.

Enjoy the movement...

Not just portraits

Here are some portraits to mark and celebrate the founding of old friends, discovering new friends, changing the scenery, making of trouble where it isn't and slowly enjoying the adventure with the new 50mm lens&co...